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Nowadays, perovskite materials and their unique properties are a hot topic of research. Here find some questions […]
The concept of the hypothesis is not something very new. It is a guide behind every scientific […]
Sometimes when we plot a graph of the data from an instrument, we see that the plot […]
Define and Display a Matrix The program reads the first input as (1,1), the second input as […]
A computer program works the same way a child learns to carry out complex mathematical sums from […]
FORTRAN programs become very lengthy while solving real engineering problems. To deal with such lengthy codes, the […]
Every 6 months many students clear CSIR-JRF examinations and hunt for Ph.D. positions in renowned universities and […]
About The PMRF scheme was announced in the budget 2018-19. It aims to improve the research quality […]
Plotting graphs in origin is as easy as ABC. Once you get acquainted, nothing is as easy […]
Most of the students, if not all, suffer from financial problems while doing a Ph.D. Not being […]

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