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Plotting graphs in origin is as easy as ABC. Once you get acquainted, nothing is as easy as this.

Creating graphs step by step

1. Import data into Origin

The first step is to import the data into the origin. You may import an entire excel sheet into the origin at once by clicking on File and then Open Excel or may directly copy the excel content into the origin columns.

2. Label the data

Now specify the name of the variable being represented by the data in each column along with the units. You may also provide any comment if any.

3. Select the data

The third step is to select the columns. You can select the columns by pressing shift and simultaneously clicking on the headers (i.e. A(X), B(Y)).

4. Choose the type of plot for you data

Several types of graphs can be prepared in the origin. You just have to navigate to the bottom of the window. Scatter graphs, Line graphs, Line + scatter, Histograms and several other options are available there. After selecting the data, click on the plot type and a new window will appear displaying the kind of graph you require.

5. Appearance of the Graph

You may see that graph that appears is labeled with the proper names of variables and units that we had mentioned in the worksheet. Also, a comment (that you had put in the worksheet) appears at the top right of the figure. The generated graph can be made to look better and more informative.

Make the graph look better

Set scale

Double click on the X-axis scale values in order to set scale of the graph. A window appears using which both horizontal and vertical scales can be set.

Grid Lines

Both horizontal and vertical grid lines can be created by checking the box labeled opposite under additional lines as depicted in figure. Grid line can also be created at X=0 or Y=0.

Similarly other settings can be done to beautify the graph.

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