Tips to make effective power point presentations
Here are the few tips to consider whille making and delivering the research presentations.
What are illustrations? Need of scientific illustrations How to tell whether a scientific illustration is good enough? […]
1. The word ‘Plagiarism’ Plagiarism is derived form the Latin word “plagiarius” which means kidnapper. 2. What […]
In an earlier post, I described how to start writing a manuscript. (Click here, to see it) […]
Once we have decided to write on the topic of our research, the most important factor is […]
The concept of the hypothesis is not something very new. It is a guide behind every scientific […]
1. Elsevier Journal Finder 2. FindMyJournal 3. Springer Journal Suggester 4. Enago Open Access Journal Finder 5. […]
The philosophy of modeling Modeling is a mental activity that lets us think and prepare models to […]
A two-fold classification of research is reported in the literature which proposes two kinds of research: Fundamental […]
The impact factor is a measure of journal quality. It depends upon the frequency with which an […]
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