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Tips to make effective power point presentations
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How do you make a research presentation interesting? What makes an effective research presentation? What are the strategies to consider when presenting? These are some of the questions that are more often asked on the web. Here we have compiled some simple and basic tips to remember while preparing for a presentation.

1. Do not use complete sentences in your research presentation

2. Do not forget to pluralize “Results” and “Future Works” as headings.

3. Do not cram the slides

4. Be consistent with capitalization in the title, headings and beginning of a phrase.

5. One idea to one slide

Do not add too much information in presentation slides

6. Up to 5 lines of text on one slide

7. Use 28 or larger point size for body and 38 or larger size for titles

8. Use no more than two fonts and font sizes

9. Using Active English in Slides

10. Use sans-serif fonts, such as Arial or Helvetica, or times.

Sans serif fonts do not have extending features at the end of each letter. These increase legibility. (To know about different sans serif fonts, click here)

Difference between Sans serif and serif fonts

11. Use simple grammar

12. Leave space—at least the height of a capital letter—
between lines in your presentation

13. Do not cut and paste the text from an article, rewrite it in your own language.

14. Do not speak too slowly or too fast.

15. Use colors but be consistent.

16. Use two levels of bullets maximum on one slide with indentation.

17. Figures in the presentation must have a title

18. Do a spell check. Red lines below words put a bad impact.

19. Test your files on big screen using projector.

20. Avoid using a laser pointer with shaky hands

21. Check out the presentation venue and room in advance

22. Use emphasis expressions while speaking

23. Rehearse well


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