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Ph.D. is short for Doctor in Philosophy. It is the highest academic degree one can strive for. Highest doesn’t mean that they get too much respect. Institute neither see them as employee nor as a student. Inside institute, technicians are above them and gain more respect. And outside institute, they are unemployed over-educated morons!

Those who go for a Ph.D. conduct original research (not the copied one! lol) in their field. Original means they are not just the fact finders. They look for the gaps in the knowledge and fill that gap all by themselves. And then they handover their ‘khoon paseene ki kamai’ to the publishers. And the publishers earn from their work. See! and this is not the end. Publishers get their work verified by so called experts who may even not know the ABCD of the work. They reject the hardwork saying “There are several grammatical mistakes.”

The Thesis

Then comes the thesis. Fellows produce complete description of their research work of 4-5-6 years in the form of thesis or dissertation. This is again reviewed by the so called experts in the field. At least one paper (research article) should be there to support it. And for its submissions also, institute takes money from you.

Ph.D. courses are available in many subjects, from science to humanities to commerce. And people think why is it a doctorate in Philosophy and not in sciences or humanities or commerce. Does one have to study Philosophy in it?

WHY specifically philosophy?

The word Philosophy comes from Greek word ‘Philosophia’ that means ‘love of wisdom’. Study in Philosophy means study of fundamental questions pertaining to anything and everything. And in Ph.D., whatever may be the subject, one attempts to solve the fundamental questions.

The title ‘Doctor’

A Ph.D. student: “I will be a doctor once I finish my Ph.D.”.

Neighbor:- “So, what will you treat? Please treat me in free or make good discount.”

Someone who has a doctoral degree in any subject from a university or recognized institute is a Doctor of Philosophy in that subject. He/she can use the title ‘Dr.’ before the name after getting the degree for Ph.D. However people that treat us in times of illness are also Doctors. But they do not necessarily have a doctoral degree. MBBS is a bachelor’s level degree and MD/MS is master’s level degree, whereas Ph.D. is a doctoral degree. Only registered medical practitioners are to be called as Doctors.

Is it only for geniuses?

One need not to be a genius to get a PhD. Little common sense and a chill attitude will work. You even don’t need masters. Some institutes offer Ph.D. program right after the graduation.


One good thing about PhD is stipend. PhDs receive monthly stipends and yearly contingency also. But those in power even did not like this. They said, “Send monthly bills”. Supervisor will sign it and then HR will approve it. Then it will go to the funding agency. And the struggle does not end here. Then one has to call the agency at the number whose handset always stay beside the base. or one has to visit the agency for the approval of the bills. And contingency, ugh, it is worse case. First you spend, collect original bill and get supervisor approval. Then, HR will decide which bill you can use and which not. What the hell!

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