Searching for the right journal can be a problem in publishing your first research paper, so today I would like to share my experience of how I found the right journal for me.

There are 4 steps as follows.

1. Writing manuscripts

2. Using journal finder; this could be any website.

You can have a look at the journal finder at this link:

On the journal finder website, you need to fill in the form that contains the title, abstract, and your research field. And then click search you will find the list of journal.

An example of a journal finder website.

3. In the case of your research field related to medical research, I will suggest that you use Pubmed search and search for the keyword relevant to your paper. Pubmed will display a list of paper titles and the publication name.


4. In the case of the university requirement that the paper is published in the Scopus indexed only, you can visit the link in order to check the Scopus index.

Scopus Index Website

I’ll share a tip with you; you may also examine each article in the publication of your choice. The journal should have some earlier research that is relevant to your study topic, and that research should not be older than two years.

Enjoy Learning


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