How to get Origin software for free?

Download Origin click here

The software programme OriginLab OriginPro, which runs on a computer with the Microsoft Windows operating system, is designed for data analysis and data science graphics. You can analyse data using OriginLab OriginPro and perform various statistical analyses and signal processing on activities. But originlab is offering 6 months subscription for free.

How to get origin 6 months free subscripts?

Yes, originlab is offering free 6 months subscription for students. In students version, 12 windows allowed to work.

To install the originlab student version follow the steps below,

1. Origin lab – click on the link here.

EaseMyPhD- Originlab

EaseMyPhD- Origin lab student version

2. Fill the form by scrolling down as shown in the image below,

EaseMyPhD- how to install Origin lab student version

EaseMyPhD- how to install Origin lab student version

Note- Email must be an institution email, not gmail, yahoo…etc.

3. Verify the email by clicking the link from originlab.

4. After verification, you will get and email from originlab containing the direct link to download the originlab student version, serial number and license  key.

5. Download and save the Origin installer.

6. Run the installer, select to “install product”, and enter the serial number when prompted.

7. Complete the installation. Run Origin after the installation completes.

8. In License Activation dialog, copy/paste the follow Product Key in to Product Key Textbox. Then click Activate button to activate your Origin.


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