Let us create a graph in Origin software. Now we wish to paste it in a power point or word file. For this we have to copy the graph using Ctrl+C command. Remember not to click on the graph and not to select it in the origin window. Because this way, graph is not copied. To copy the graph, simply press the Ctrl+C command without doing anything to the graph. After this go to your power point or word file and paste it there using Ctrl+V command.

However, this way we get the origin graph as a picture and not as an Origin object. Origin object allows to modify the graph later whenever we require. We do not need to save it as opj or opju file. It will be saved in the power point file.


On using Ctrl+J command for copying and Ctrl+V command for pasting, we get the graph as an origin object. We can modify it easily whenever we require. On double clicking the graph in power point, it opens in the origin window. There we can do the changes we want. After doing the changes, close the project. These changes will automatically appear in the graph pasted in power point.

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